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Oliver (aged 4) had his 2nd check up and eye test today. He has perfect sight and no issues however we still think it is so important to get him checked. He loves going to see Alex and she is so thorough and explains everything to him - he was fascinated when she took pictures of the inside of his eye then explained what each bit was. Highly recommend this practice not only for adults but children too 




Jane Smellie Opticians have really helped my son. The specialist tinted contact lenses have corrected his vision and he feels much more confident in his reading and the glasses enable him to concentrate for longer – all so important as he approaches his GCSEs . 
The regular School Vision Assessments enable the Ophthalmologist to monitor his eyesight, and keep abreast of any underlying issues.


Bridget Kimber


Hello to all the Wrexham Team

Just a brief email to say how very pleased I have been since becoming a customer/patient at the Wrexham shop. Prior to visiting your optician's I felt desperately isolated with my condition (Dystonia/Blepharospasm) and successive visits to other optician's in the Wrexham area had not pinpointed any ways at all that could help with my treatment. (I recognise my condition is rare and don't expect averyone to know about every existing eye condition) but what a difference when it was suggested by the local Vision Support department to visit Jane and see what her thoughts might be.
Her attitude was exemplary, she was familiar with the condition, advised how best to manage it, whilst liaising with the medical team in the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital. She is always highly professional, empathetic and practical. I'm so glad I started to visit this Optician's and would not consider going elsewhere. 
The sales and reception staff are also very competent and friendly, taking time to do the little extras which makes it a pleasure to shop at Jane Smellie's Opticians.
Thank you all, once again.


Moira Gleed


I have been a patient of Jane for many years and can say quite unreservedly that she is extremely thorough and competent. She is up to date with all treatments and techniques and recently performed a satisfactory tear duct operation to clear a blocked duct. She is always helpful and willing to contact hospitals concerning further treatments.

Yours faithfully


Sue Johnson


Here is Ruby in her pink lensed Jane Smellie visual stress glasses receiving her prize from the Lord
Mayor and High Sheriff of Chester!

She won an award in a competition run by the Lord Mayor's office to
write a poem to commemorate our Queen's longest reign. 200 children
entered and she won first prize! We were so proud of her as she had to
stand up and read it out at the ceremony at Chester Cathedral in front
of about 1000 people! No mean feat for a nine year old with dyslexia and
visual stress. She wore her glasses through out whilst doing the reading
and afterwards at the award ceremony in the Town Hall as she is proud of
being able to achieve her goals despite, or perhaps because of, the
extra challenges she faces. And she wanted everyone to know it!

We are so grateful to have found you and for the help you are giving
Ruby to achieve her potential. Thank you!

Click here to read her poem. 



Highly recommend! Service is excellent, great prices especially for contact lenses definitely worth a look


Mr D Ayles


Brilliant opticians! Made choosing frames- something which I wasn't sure about- very easy. I collected my new glasses today, I think they look great, and now also I can see!


Maria Martinez